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You Could Earn Over £23,000 in RHI Payments AND Save up to 50% on Your Heating Bills When You Install a Ground Source Heat Pump Through Ecovision*

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What is the Renewable Heat Incentive and how can it benefit you?

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What is the Renewable Heat Incentive?

The Renewable Heat Incentive is a guaranteed financial incentive available from the government to promote the installation of renewable heating. There are two schemes available under the RHI; Domestic and Non-Domestic. Each has separate tariffs and conditions, and can pay you a subsidy for up to 7 years for switching to renewables.

Switching to an Ecovision Ground Source Heat Pump could transform your heating and hotwater bills,  reducing them by up to 50% annually – a direct saving on top of the RHI funding you will also recieve.

Each installation is unique but Ecovision will ensure that, regardless of your property type, your renewable modern energy system will qualify for one of the Renewable Heat Incentive schemes.

Save up to 50% on Your Heating Bills

Virtually maintenance free and silent to run, a Ground Source Heat Pump is able to produce more energy than they consume, with every 1kW used providing up to 4kW of energy out – a huge increase on traditional electric heating which provides just 0.9 kW from 1kW of energy used

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I would highly recommend installing an air source heat pump or any kind of renewable energy system with Ecovision. They are a great…

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Ecovision have been great, very friendly, helpful, quick, knowledgeable, and most importantly, the heat pump works great and saves us money…

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Ecovision have been great with the installation of the air source heat pump, and now we’ve managed to get the RHI we are saving…

Mr Daniel W

*Energy Saving Source:

RHI Payments Source: Based on a 3+ bed detatched house installing a Ground Source Heat Pump. RHI payments are based on the annual estimated payments in the potential earnings over the seven-year period.  Air Source Heat Pumps can expect to earn over £9,000. You can also earn an additional £1,610 over 7 years when you also install an MMSP monitoring system.