As an example of what is possible with a building generally considered incompatible with renewable systems this 400 year old building has been restored using traditional methods to maintain the original fabric of the building.

With a stone tiled roof, restored wooden doors, leaded windows, lime plaster for walls and stone floors throughout the ground floor this property was thought to be unsuitable for a renewable installation. Ecovision advised and designed a system using energy efficient radiators throughout the building.

The 24kW heat pump was stored in the basement and draws the thermal energy from 5 bore holes of 80m deep which are now invisble under the new drive.

“This installation provides evidence that with the right design team a heat pump is suitable for most buildings, even when they are Grade 1 listed. Our offices are in a beautiful building heated from the ground, our heating bills are really low and we were in short sleeves throughout the recent snowy weather.”