Clarendon Press is now benefiting from a cut in fuel costs of 75%

Clarendon Press in Gloucester occupies a factory unit extending to 120 square meters, which houses offices and a large-scale printing unit with lithographic machinery and computer plate systems.

Landlord Nick Read decided to enhance the premises by installing heat pumps. After undertaking a full survey of the site, and an assessment of the building’s requirements, Ecovision recommended the installation of a water source heat pump system, using a nearby lake as the initial heat source.

Closed loop collectors were sited in the lake, minimising the need for ground works, and were connected to a three phase high temperature heat pump housed in a small outbuilding beside the factory.

The heat pump heated water to a temperature of 70 degrees centigrade (equivalent to the output of a standard boiler) which was then fed into the building’s existing heating and hot water systems.

Clarendon Press is now benefiting from a cut in fuel costs of 75%. The MD Peter Roberts says,

“The installation went according to plan, on time and with no disruption to our output. It has been reliable from day one and we have enjoyed the benefits of a warmer factory along with lower energy costs. Equally beneficial to our company have been our improved green credentials . Using a heat pump system proves to our customers that we are not just paying lip service to environmental responsibilities.”

Landlord Nick Read says, “We chose Ecovision because of the quality of the equipment that they offered and because they communicated so effectively. We were not disappointed. Throughout the process, they did what they said they would do, they kept us well informed on progress, they took the job on board in its entirety, and they delivered”.