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Permits and Permissions

Planning Permission

The height of the biomass boiler flue stack (chimney) at a waste management centre will require local authority planning permission, this is out-with any required new building planning permission. The process is not complex and typically quick to complete. The stack height required for each location is subject to site specifics and surroundings.


Due to the typical 6-month timeframe within which a SWIP permit from Local Authority, required for the combustion of Grade A, B & C waste wood, can be achieved; it is highly recommended that two permits are applied for simultaneously.


Permit 1, for the combustion of Grade A waste wood the permit required from the Local Authority is:

  • Section 5.1 Part B (a)(v) Permit

The local authority have a duty to respond and determine an application within 16 weeks. Thus, an operational biomass boiler can be installed and operating under this basic permit within 16 weeks.


Permit 2, for the additional combustion of grade B & C waste wood a SWIP Permit (Small Waste Combustion Plant in line with Schedule 13A of the Environmental Permitting Regulations) from the Local Authority is required.

Secondary filtration and emission monitoring should be identified, supported with full specification and quoted for by your renewable energy waste specialist, in their initial fixed price quotation. Beware incomplete sales quotations that overlook these items, it will inevitably lead to additional unexpected costs at a later date, as you will require them in order to secure Permit 2.