Berkshire man Bernhard Garside opted for an Air Source Heat Pump in 2014 to reduce his heating costs and generate income through the Renewable Heat Incentive. The 6 bedroom farm house had previously been heated via an oil boiler, though it had become very old and inefficient so didn’t see much use. Mr Garside turned to Ecovision to swap his high cost oil fired boiler for a renewable system with enhanced savings through the RHI.

“Knowing that the domestic RHI was coming into force was certainly a key factor in me choosing to install an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) renewable energy solution from Ecovision,” explained Garside. “Under the domestic RHI I will be eligible for a 7.3p* tariff for every kilowatt hour of energy my ASHP generates so I will receive an annual payment of at least £1,000. When I add this to the whopping £2,500 savings which I was previously paying for oil to run my expensive, and very inefficient, oil fired boiler I am saving at least £3,500 a year!” (With additional electricity costs taken into account.)

The installation of Mr Garside’s Air Source Heat Pump cost approximately £14,000, though this initial cost became a true investment with the potential cost savings and income available through the renewable heat incentive, paying a set tariff for each kilowatt hour of heat or hot water used.

“When I weighed up the cost of anything between £2,500 and £3,500 to replace my old oil-fired boiler, which was well past its sell-by date, plus the annual cost of the oil to run it, this would have been completely dead money. So following discussions with the Ecovision team, it really was a no-brainer to make an investment in the ASHP as I knew I would receive a return on that investment pretty quickly and going forward my energy costs would be negligible,”

Garside could expect to see a return on his investment in 3-4 years, and with the remaining 3-4 years of payment from the renewable heat incentive, and 16-17 years use of the Air Source Heat Pump, his cost savings will carry on long after this breakeven point.
“The installation of our ASHP was a leap of faith into renewable energy but due to the expertise and knowledge of Ecovision’s designer, technical support and install teams, it was undoubtedly a leap of faith that was the right decision. Our ASHP has given us energy independence at the same time as meeting the heating and hot water requirements of my family which includes two teenagers and an older daughter who seems incapable of spending less than 30 minutes in the shower!” concluded Garside

*Tariff shown represents available tariff during Mr Garside’s RHI application.