Stunning Vicarage Design Breaks with Tradition and gives the Church a new, exciting and Modern Look.

St John’s Vicarage in Wembley is the first of its kind in the country, the greenest Vicarage in the UK.

The traditional perception of a Vicarage is a sombre building with dark corners and ticking clocks, but St John’s is anything but with its bright, modern, airy spaces, built to be as efficient as possible and as close to carbon neutral as possible. The developers, Gallifords Try, came to Ecovision because they needed someone with experience and consistent design capability to provide a scheme for the new home of Rev Francis Adu-Boachie. The design includes a Solar PV Roof and a 6kW Ground Source Heat Pump drawing the heat forma s ingle 120m bore hole.

The building was erected alongside a church hall, to free up Vicarage land for affordable homes to be built. It achieved a remarkable Code Level 6 with loft insulation of 400mm and filled cavity walls 435mm thick. Due to the restricted space a bore hole was designed by Ecovision as the most efficient option, a good solution to any property with little space available in an urban environment.

The building is the first Vicarage in the UK to achieve such a high sustainability rating and earning the Vicar of Wembley the title of the ‘Green Vicar’.

“The church is looking to the future and working hard to reduce carbon emissions whilst making the housing stock sustainable to future generations.”