Wyke College builds one of the UK’s largest 6th form centres


Wyke Sixth Form College opened in 1988 and was originally intended for 16 – 19 year olds in the western part of Hull, but it very quickly gained a wider reputation beyond the city. Wyke Sixth Form is now holds one of the largest heat pump systems installed in a school in the UK.

With a heat load requirement of 320kW for heating and hot water the design and installation required an innovative approach, detailed design and meticulous installation.  Ecovision were chosen based upon a proven ability to deliver large scale projects to plan, a proven track record of delivering project firsts and an ability to integrate modern renewables in to an existing building.

Wyke College was both a large scale project and complex, it is one of the largest ground source heat pump systems in a school in the UK, providing both heating and cooling. The system is designed around four heat pumps totaling 320kW are linked via a control system, to supply heat and passive cooling through an underfloor pipe system and fan coil convectors.

Heat is generated by taking low grade heat from 50 x 112m bore holes un the rugby pitch.  The rugby pitch was cleared whilst the drilling took place, although the precious posts were left in situ.  Access and permission to utilize the pitch area was only given on the promise that the pitch would be replaced and ready for the next Rugby season, and it was!

For similar schools, eligible for the recently increased RHI tariff, it is estimated that the investment will payback within 6 years, generating an estimated total of £1.1m in RHI payments and £415,000 in fossil fuel savings.  Providing a cash positive return of over £1.16mm during the 20 years the RHI grant scheme will operate for.

“Ecovision were selected for the installation because of their technical knowledge, understanding of varying types of building requirements and a proven track record of delivering ‘firsts’.  The design and installation team proved their capabilities with this project.”

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