Over 60% OFF an Air Source Heat Pump

Join the growing number of people switching to renewable energy and SAVE up to 50%¹ on your heating bills when you replace your oil or LPG boiler.

We will provide you with a fully installed top-of-the-range Air Source Heat Pump system with up to 2 new radiator upgrades, worth £12,000, for the same price as your old oil or LPG boiler, from just £4,499². Giving you a 60% saving and up to a 50% reduction in your heating bills

So, beat the fossil fuel price hikes and upgrade your old oil or LPG boiler with a cost-saving, efficient replacement. Fill in the form now to find out how you can have a fully installed Air Source Heat Pump system with up to 2 new radiator upgrades, worth £12,000³, from just £4,499!


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Qualifying criteria: Preferably the property will be owned by you, be on oil or LPG, have at least 3 bedrooms and be split over a minimum of 2 storeys. 

Please note: To provide you with an accurate estimate we do require a recent EPC (under 2 years old).


With our team of highly skilled, specialist Air Source Heat Pump experts to guide you through the installation process from start to finish, it has never been easier to switch to a renewable heating system. Often taking less than a week to install, there’s minimal disruption too.


By installing an Ecovision Air Source Heat Pump in your home, you can save up to 50%  on your annual heating and hot water bills against fossil fuel alternatives. They can also last in excess of 20 years. Find out more about how they work here.


Reduce your carbon footprint with renewable energy and help in the global fight against climate change. Efficiently producing all of your hot water and heating, providing up to 4 times as much heat as an electric heater using the same amount of energyⁿ.

How do I save money with an Air Source Heat Pump?

At Ecovision we want more people to benefit from installing an Air Source Heat Pump and not miss out on efficient, cheaper renewable energy because of the initial upfront cost. So we came up with a plan which means you get a fully installed Air Source Heat Pump system with up to two new radiator upgrades over 60% OFF!

Why should I install an Air Source Heat Pump?

  • Improve your heating efficiency and potentially save up to 50% on energy bills* compared to fossil fuel alternatives
  • Reduce your output of harmful carbon emissions by up to 6,100kgs per year, helping in the fight against the worrying effects of climate change
  • Quiet and compact, they can be installed within a few days and we’ll replace your existing boiler
  • Improve your EPC rating (all rented properties must have a minimum E rating by April 2020)
  • Receive over £1,600 in government funded MMSP payments when you also install an MMSP monitoring system on your Air Source Heat Pump

How do I get over 60% OFF an Air Source Heat Pump?

  • With over 10 years experience and MCS accredited, our expert team at Ecovision will guide you through the process, start to finish
  • We will install your system which you will own and in exchange, you assign your right to our financial partner, Swangrove Energy, to receive the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments from the government
  • To maintain your system warranty, prevent breakdown and validate your contract over the RHI period you must service and maintain your system. Our 7-year Service and Maintenance plan is just £24.99 per month and also protects your workmanship warranty – giving you peace of mind

Prefer to purchase an Air Source Heat Pump outright?

Terms and Conditions

Please note: Your installation and Assignment of Rights (AoR) contract will be with Swangrove Energy and all install work will be subcontracted to Ecovision Systems. Your full terms and conditions will be provided in the contract you receive from Swangrove Energy. 1. Price of the full installation of an Air Source Heat Pump with two radiator upgrades from £2,999. Advertised price based on the full installation of an 8.5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump with two radiator upgrades producing 17,500kWh per annum with a SCoP of 3.55 and a design flow temperature of 45’c. 2. The offer is only valid in relation to the installation of an Air Source Heat Pump with up to two new radiators by Ecovision. 3. The system sizes currently available for this offer range between 5kW-14kW. 4. The total cost may differ to the advertised price of £2,999 if the system required differs to the example provided. 5. Based on the information you provide us, we will produce an estimate, subject to site survey. The system price breakdown will be clearly explained in the estimate and you are not bound to continue to the survey stage.  6. If following a site survey your final quote exceeds your original estimate, you are entitled not to proceed any further without a penalty. 7. Subject to accepting the quote, your payment schedule will be provided in your AoR contract. 8. The pre-installation site survey worth £95 (redeemable against the final quoted price) needs to be arranged before the installation goes ahead. This is refundable if we deem the property unsuitable. 9. Ecovision will only install an Air Source Heat Pump in exchange for the applicant assigning their right to receive the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments from the government over a period of 7 years to our financial partner, Swangrove Energy 10. We have the right to reject any application we deem unsuitable. 11. Taking out a Service and Maintenance plan with Ecovision is not mandatory, however, your system must have an annual service to comply with the AoR contract. Any payments you make to Ecovision for a service plan or any other service provider are in addition to the installation cost.  Our Service and Maintenance plan is valid for 7 years. The monthly payments will increase by the standard variable interest rate quoted by the official RPI per year after each 12th monthly payment of the contract. 12. Any personal data collected for the purposes of the scheme will be processed in accordance with the provisions of Ecovision’s Privacy Policy


¹Please note that these figures are an estimate only. Savings will depend on each specific installation and are not guaranteed. The savings example is based on a system similar or exact to the one offered in this scheme (www.ecovisionsystems.co.uk/save-up-to-50-on-energy-bills). 

²Based on the average cost of installing by Ecovision a 14kW Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump system with two radiator upgrades in a 4 bed detached house with an oil boiler producing 20,000kWh per annum with a SCoP of 3.44 and a flow temperature of 55’c. Purchase prices start from £10,000 when installing an 8.5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan or £11,500 for an 11.2kW Mitsubishi Ecodan under the same conditions through Ecovision.

³Average cost of a new oil or LPG boiler (boilerguide.co.uk). 

Price hikes based on UK average oil prices over the past 3 years (Boilerjuice.com).

*Potential annual savings of installing a standard Air Source Heat Pump in an avergage sized, 4 bed detached home which currently uses a G-rated oil boiler (energysavingtrust.org.uk).

ⁿSystem temperature range can be found here and is based on a 8.5kW and 11.2kW Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump model that is available as part of the AoR offer. Please note that these figures may change depending on manufacturer.