Heat Pump for 18th century barn conversion in Lincolnshire.

When Mr B decided to renovate his 18th century barn he chose to install a ground source heat pump with Ecovision. Many believe that a heat pump will not work in an older building, this is not true provided that the system has been designed correctly – Ecovision have significant experience in this area.

As this was a renovation project Mr B chose to use the opportunity to improve the insulating properties of the building, therefore improving the insulating properties of the building to increase the efficiency of the heat pump. He installed double glazing, used rock wool in the cavity walls and Tri-Iso in the ceiling void. He also asked Ecovision to install an underfloor heating system throughout.

The barn was off the gas grid network and had sufficient land to install 6x50m trenches which Mr B arranges. A Dimples 11kW heat pump was ideal to supply the heat requirement of the building, not costing him a great deal more than a new oil boiler with tank and connections, but allowing him to avoid the rising fuel costs, regular maintenance costs, potential fire/pollutant risks and high carbon emissions. He has also installed a rainwater harvesting system and heat recovery system to make the building as efficient and cheap to run as possible.

It is vital that the system is designed properly to ensure it operates at maximum efficiency, so it is important to use someone who has significant installation experience like Ecovision.