Mockley Manor Care Home is a part of the Coate Water Care Group on the outskirts of the village of Ullenhall, near Henley in Arden. It is a 50 bedroom care home that required multiple LPG boilers to supply circa 200kW of heating and hot water, at an annual fuel cost of £35,638 per annum.

The primary project objectives were to reduce fuel costs, generate a 20 year return on investment via RHI, simplify boiler configuration, modernize heating control and reduce maintenance costs.

Through the installation of two Froling 100kW biomass boilers Mockley Manor fuel costs will be reduced by 43%, down to £20,306 per annum based on wood pellet supply. Add to this the first year RHI payment of £27,380 and it equates to an annual benefit of £43,012, a return on investment of over 600%.

Coate Water Care Group MD, Geraldine Smith, said ‘At the outset, choosing the right renewables company felt like it would be a difficult decision, but Ecovision soon became my preferred choice.

They made various design options easy to understand, explaining fully the benefits and implications of these choices. Throughout this design process they shared costs, which enabled me to influence my own design within a budget I controlled.’

The biomass boilers are designed to work in cascade, providing several benefits. The first is based upon the need for all year round use required by a care home.

During spring, summer and autumn there will still be very high demand for hot water, however, in overall boiler terms this is a much lower demand than the peak requirement of circa 200kW during winter. By installing two boilers in cascade the system will operate at a low minimum load of 25kW, therefore ensuring the system runs for longer periods, with fewer shutdowns, resulting in less heat being lost via the flue and maximized fuel efficiency.

Secondly, the detailed and thorough design has planned for automatic switching between boilers to alternate Master and Slave responsibilities ensuring they share the heat duty as evenly as possible, extending the life of the equipment. A third and noteworthy benefit is redundancy, if one boiler was to fail then the other boiler would be able to meet the heat load requirement at most times of the year.

Ecovision has the experience and technical expertise to meet the challenge of installing retrofit heating systems within an occupied home, through detailed project planning we limit heating and hot water down time with an almost seamless changeover.

We know what the severe consequences are of any period of heating breakdown in a care home, therefore through outstanding system design we limit the possibility of complete heating and hot water failure, however, if the worst should happen we provide a full service, maintenance and emergency call out service, utilising our 365 day a year, customer contact centre.