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The Only Purpose Built Waste Wood Boiler

Kriger – Designed With You In Mind

Kriger manufacture fully automated industrial boilers systems from 400kw up to 3.5mw. With many bespoke features, such as an innovative moving step grate and hydraulic ram stoker, Kriger boilers are designed to handle difficult, low grade waste wood, biomass fuel with maximum reliability. Kriger are warrantied and certified to achieve the required Waste Incineration Directive (IED/WID) compliant higher operating temperature and consistent low emission levels, whilst still complying with normal UK biomass boiler regulations.

Kriger Boiler - Kriger Biomass Waste Wood Waste2Heat Boiler

A True IED/WID Compliant Boiler

Kriger boilers uniquely employ a gas fired burner to ensure chamber temperature does not drop below 850˚C to guarantee compliance with IED chapter IV (WID) regulations. The Kriger operating software will call upon the gas burn when sensors detect higher moisture content or lower density fuel within the combustion chamber, thereby guaranteeing IED/WID compliance and protect permit status.

As standard Kriger boilers benefit from:

• A full conveyor ash extraction solution comprising of wet de-ash to underside and top of grate

• An economiser unit, fire tube heat exchangers

• A bespoke ceramic filter

All of which maintain stringent IED/WID emissions requirements.

Industry Leading

Low Emissions

Burning waste wood of variable quality, size and moisture content creates high levels of sub-micron sized particles, not visible to the naked eye. For this reason, Kriger partner with glosfume® ceramic filters because of its industry leading design and micro-porous surface finish which traps sub-micron particles. Highly preferred to bag filters, for longevity and dependable performance.

Kriger Boiler - Kriger Biomass Waste Wood Waste2Heat Boiler

Trustworthy, Dependable, Robust

Reducing potential for damage and costly downtime

Kriger boiler grates are made of cast iron, with a high chromium content, specifically designed to reduce spillage, minimising mechanical under-burning and thereby reducing maintenance requirements. With equal backward and forward motion fuel is spread evenly for a consistent and efficient burn. The use of undergrate ash extraction and a full grate scraper allows large objects, metal contaminants, to pass through to the ash-bin. A significant enhancement over common auger alternatives, reducing the potential for damage, mechanical breakdown and costly downtime.

Matched with a specifically designed waste wood fuel store and boiler feed solution, to allow for the use of irregular and variable shredded industrial waste wood material, and to prevent common fuel feeding issues and costly downtime.

The use of a water-cooled combustion chamber allows for the burning of a wide variety of biomass fuels and waste wood types, rated for an industry leading moisture content range of 10% through to 60%. With controllable combustion, down to 30% of the boilers maximum output and an energy efficiency rating of 90%.

Kriger Boiler - Kriger Biomass Waste Wood Waste2Heat Boiler

Efficient Clean Energy

From Grade A, B and C Waste Wood

The Kriger boiler burn chamber has a 3 Pass Combustion design; a primary stage to prepare highly variable waste wood material for the secondary air induced combustion of biomass and harmful gases, and a final flue gas re-circulation burn, the tertiary stage to conform with IED/WID compliance. This generates a maximum heat output of 115°C, enabling the drying of a wide range of materials and provides for the pasteurisation of various materials, including soil.

Efficient boiler heat exchange maximises heat transfer from internal chamber temperatures of up to 1000°C, limiting wasteful exhaust gas temperatures, that never exceeding 160°C, evidence of efficient transfer heat from production to output, rather than warming the atmosphere!

The Heavy Weight Champion

The Kriger 1.25MW biomass boiler is a 24-tonne heavy industrial class weight waste wood solution, that is warrantied to operate up to an unsurpassed 8,000 running hours per annum, with an expected minimum operating life of 20 years. Kriger boilers are backed by a standard 2 year or 16,000 running hours parts and labour warranty.

Smart and Safe

Kriger control software, designed and coded by Siemens, provides diagnostics, remote access, early warning, efficient burn, fuel feed and performance data. Kriger boilers comply with essential safety requirements set out by European Directives 204/108/EC, 209/95/EC and 2004/108/EC.