Mr and Mrs Hart-Davis live in a 17th century farmhouse in the beautiful Cotswold village of Uley, Gloucestershire. Their existing oil fuel supply had warmed their long narrow farmhouse and Aga at a cost. In 2007 with the annual fuel bill at nearly £3000 and rising they called in Ecovision.

The farmhouse had plenty of land around it, therefore Ecovision recommended installing a ground source heat pump. This involved digging five, fifty meter, trenches in an adjoining field. “Slinky collectors” (a long series of coiled pipes) were laid in the trenches, they were linked to the house via a trench cut through the lawn and a Dimplex heat pump was installed in the house. The heat pump was connected to the existing radiators and within a matter of months there was no visible exterior evidence of the installation.

Once the system was installed the residents dispensed with their oil-fired Aga and insulated and double glazed the farmhouse.

The cost of the installation was £11450 and with savings of £1,600 pa and rising, this will be recouped in 7 years.

“In the old days we had the heating on for a few hours morning and evening, and in-between we dashed from one wood burning stove to another clad in thick jerseys. Now the whole building is as warm as we could wish, all the time; the wood burners are in honourable retirement and we reckon we are saving £1600 a year on oil.” – Mr and Mrs Hart-Davis