Glengarry Castle Hotel is a charming Scottish country property situated in a beautiful location on the edge of Loch Oich, which lies between Loch Ness and Loch Lochy at the heart of the Great Glen in the Highlands of Scotland.  Originally designed and constructed by David Bryce, Glengarry House was completed in the late 1800s.

With a desire to keep disturbance to the impressive surrounding grounds and gardens to a minimum, Ecovision engineers determined that the best renewable solution was the installation of an 80kW ground source heat pump system with 12 boreholes.  A solution that provides an, as close as you can get, install and forget heating system.

The 80kW heat pump provides all the building heating and hot water requirements of the 26 double bedroom country hotel.  Successfully integrated in to the existing emitter system.

Ecovisions experience of retro-fitting modern technology to the existing internal heating system, within a building that was originally designed for open fires was key to the hotels decision to choose Ecovision and to the success of the project.

For similar hotels, eligible for the recently increased RHI tariff, it is estimated that the investment will payback within 7 years, generating an estimated total of £255,000 in RHI payments and £123,000 in fossil fuel savings.  Providing a cash positive return of over £258,000 during the 20 years the RHI grant scheme will operate for.

Ecovision has the experience and technical expertise to meet the challenge of installing large renewable heating systems in historic houses, country hotels and bed & breakfast.  We bring professionalism in detailed project planning to limit on site disruption, heating and hot water down time.

Post install Ecovision System Limited provide a full service, maintenance and emergency call out service, utilising our 365 day a year, customer contact centre.


Ecovision Commercial - Glengary Castle Hotel