Epworth Primary School

Epworth Primary School decided to take the opportunity when planning their new School building to install renewable energy.

The School is a good example of the many small Schools that Ecovision have helped when designing the most efficient heating system that optimises its use of energy and reduces costs.

The high levels of insulation ensure that the 14kW Air Source Heat Pump will be at its most efficient, and by combining it with an underfloor system it creates a highly efficient system that allows the school to maximise the use of the space available without the necessity of radiators taking up wall space.

“The system is proving a hit with parents and will be part of future School projects encouraging the children to understand the requirement to reduce carbon emissions.

The children will be in a warm comfortable environment that does not cost the earth. They will understand from an early age how we can use our natural surroundings to support our way of life.”