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The Edge Shredder

The Lowest Maintenance Cost Shredder

Edge – Shredders To Suit You

The range of EDGE Slayers are probably the most flexible and functional slow speed shredders on the market today. Designed with strength, durability and serviceability in mind, the Slayer Series can handle almost any material in any application.

Helping customers reduce, recover, reuse and recycle a wide range of materials from household waste to construction and demolition waste. The Edge Slayers’ small footprint allows for high manoeuvrability in tight spaces and across rough terrain. Its 350hp engine quietly and quickly destroys any material in its way, whilst, the PLC controlled system, with its’ unique safety features such as tramp metal detection, results in the customer avoiding downtime and huge repair costs.

Other design features and benefits include, reduced dust generation, user friendly controls, low loading tipping hopper and an infinite number of Shredding Chambers to best suit your application.

Kriger Boiler - Kriger Biomass Waste Wood Waste2Heat Boiler
Kriger Boiler - Kriger Biomass Waste Wood Waste2Heat Boiler

Unparalleled Versatility

The Edge Slayer can be employed as either a primary or secondary shredder due to its highly robust design and superior resistance to difficult to shred material. Indeed, the Slayer can be supplied with up to 12 different shaft configurations, making the machine suitable for a huge range of applications. This combined with impressive features such as tramp metal cycles and intelligent load sensing insures against asset damage and downtime.

Possible Additional Applications Include:

• Transfer Station Pre-shredding
• High Capacity Volume Reduction
• Wood Processing
• Grinder Pre-shredding
• Intricate Piece Sizing (Basket System)
• Construction & Demolition Waste
• Domestic & Household Waste
• Green Waste
• White Household Goods
• All Plastics (including wind turbines)

Why Settle for One?

The Edge Slayer Series design is founded on the “two shafts are better than one” principle. The twin shaft design effectively pulls waste material into the shredding target area. The intelligent hydraulic control system continuously monitors shaft pressure. Once pressure reaches the designated limit, the Slayer shafts automatically reverse preventing asset damage.

The Benefits of Having Two:

• Expectational intake behaviour
• Depending on application, less wear and longer life expectancy
• Automatic reverse function to protect against asset damage
• Self-cleaning
• The traditional wrapping of wires, plastic and long-fibres is avoided

Kriger Boiler - Kriger Biomass Waste Wood Waste2Heat Boiler

All In One

Your pre-shredder and secondary shredder all in one.

The EDGE Basket enables material to be shredded to the required particle size in just one pass. The baskets come in various apertures from 50mm to 250mm depending on the customer requirements and can be quickly removed or exchanged for a different aperture screen.

Innovative Design

Edge Shredders are of the highest quality and only ever use parts and products that have been developed, tested and proven to provide optimal performance and reduce operating and maintenance costs. Every part is vital for uptime and performance.

Kriger Boiler - Kriger Biomass Waste Wood Waste2Heat Boiler


• Diesel/Hydraulic or Electric
• Cat C9 350HP engine as standard
• Residential silencer reduces noise
• Cleaner air with dust scavenging
• Eco-Power saving functionality
• Designed with serviceability in mind with greater access or maintenance


• Shafts powered via closed loop Danfoss hydraulic system with continuous pressure monitoring, preventing damage and downtime
• Non-load sensing system decreases running cost with automatic shut-down as standard


• Easy fine tuning for accurate application performance
• Displays Engine load, pressures, hydraulic oil temp & fuel consumption
• All engine info & diagnostic faults are accessed through the panel


• 1400mm (55’) wide, 7.7m long (25’3’’)
• Slayer XL conveyor increases to 9.7m (31’10’’)
• Belt speed varies depending on application


• 2x Slow speed, high torque shredder shafts, producing 80,000Nm each
• Various shaft designs and breaker bars available to suit an array of applications
• Various basket mesh available for intricate sizing available


• Feed-in height of 3.1m (10’5’’)
• Robust design hopper with remote tipping functionality
• Standard capacity of 3m³ with the Slayer XL hopper capacity increasing to 3.5m³
• Hopper extension available


• A number of features can be controlled via the remote
• Including; start/stop unit functioning, increase/decrease engine & shaft speed, tracking, shaft reverse, auto-cycle on/off and activate hopper