Ecovision joined horse riders of all ages earlier this month at Tythrop Park in Buckinghamshire for their annual Summer Horse show, which is set in the attractive grounds of the 17th-century manor house.  The show comprises a variety of classes including show-jumping and dressage and is a charity event, with money being raised this year for ‘The Brooke’, an international animal welfare organisation which aims to improve the well-being of working horses, donkeys and mules in the world’s poorest communities. As a sponsor of the event, Ecovision had front row seats at the main arena and provided free face painting to the young competitors and visitors. Pleased to present the rosettes for the piebald and skewbald in-hand and a championship at the end of the show, Ecovision became truly involved in the day’s events.

Ecovision were welcomed back to Tythrop Park for the event as the installer of the property’s sophisticated renewable heating system. Ecovision installed three 40 kW ground source heat pumps at the property in 2010 which supply the heating and hot water. The property had previously utilised an oil fired boiler system, which had proved a costly and inefficient way to heat the 10 bedroom residence. A switch to renewable energy allows a cost effective return to the way in which historic houses, such as Tythrop Park, were originally heated by delivering constant ‘always on’ low temperature heat. This when combined with the lower costs of running renewable energy systems helps to further reduce operating costs, increase the effectiveness of the existing radiator circuits and increase the comfort levels within the building. In comparison to the previous oil fired system, the residents of Tythrop Park save over £10,000 on their heating costs annually.

The show was a great success, raising just under £4,500 – the most the event has ever collected.


Ecovision Renewable visit Tythrop Park for Charity Horse Show - Ground Source Heat Pump Installation