Introducing The E3 Biomass CHP

Welcome to a new world of affordable, renewable and decentralised energy.

The E3 is a biomass combined heat and power (CHP) unit that will transform the way you think about energy; what was once a business overhead is now a business asset.

The E3 uses biomass wood and waste pellets to produce electricity and heat (or cooling if preferred) for your business. The energy produced is cheaper and cleaner than that from the grid.

It also attracts substantial, fixed, 20-year government incentives, which contribute to the E3 being perhaps the most attractive investment in renewable energy today.

With lower, more stable energy costs, renewable biomass fuel and guaranteed income from government incentives, the E3 is a sustainable solution both for the planet and your business.

How does the E3 Work?

The E3 is a Biomass Combined Heat and Power unit using a downdraft fixed-bed gasifier. The gasification process produces synthetic gas (syngas) from biomass pellets or certified biomass waste pellets. This gas is cleaned by a filter mechanism and then burned in a V6 engine, which drives the generator. The generated electricity can be used locally in an off-grid mode or can be connected to the power grid. The generated heat is mainly used for space heating or for process heating, such as biomass drying. The E3 can also be configured to use the generated heat to power a cooling system.

The patented process produces dramatically reduced tar compared to similar plants, increasing engine and providing stable operation for many years. The E3 is also the smallest gasification plant. It is delivered on two pallets of 0.9m width, which can be transported easily without a crane and can literally fit through your door. It is fully automated in operation and scalable, enabling the combination of several single E3 systems.

E3 Combined-Heat-and-Power-System-Expolded-Diagram---Ecovision-Renewables

E3 Technical Diagram


1. Gasifier

2. Gas Cooler

3. Gas Filter

4. CHP Engine

5. Heat Exchanger

Why should I choose the E3 for my business?

The E3 is proven technology that will lower your electricity and heating bills while reducing your carbon emissions. It will also provide you with an income stream, guaranteed by the UK government, worth an estimated £1 million over 20 years. With an ROI of around 28%, it is possibly the most attractive renewable energy investment available today.

Can The E3 be combined with other systems?

The fusion of The E3 CHP unit with other technologies can work effectively. A CHP unit offers a secure supply of locally produced heat and electricity, which can easily be integrated with existing systems such as Ground Source Heat Pumps, Biomass Boilers or traditional fossil fuel alternatives. The E3 CHP unit does not replace your existing system, instead the E3 complements it.

What are the financial benefits of The E3?

CHP provides lower cost heat and electricity for your business. This will protect your business from the rising cost of electricity, oil and gas. Government subsidies are also allocated, specifically to Biomass CHP units, such as an E3. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) offer subsides of over £50,000 per annum from an E3.