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Ecovision have been a very active installer of renewable technologies in the UK and has the experience and knowledge necessary to meet the challenge of installing retrofit heating systems, often within occupied homes, such as a Care Home. Through detailed project planning we will limit heating and hot water downtime with a seamless changeover for your Care Home when moving to renewable heating.

Ecovision understand how severe the consequences can be of any period of heating breakdown in your care home, though through outstanding system design they will limit the possibility of complete heating and hot water failure. Should the worst happen, however, Ecovision will provide a full service, maintenance and emergency call out service to your Care Home, utilising their 7 day a week, customer contact centre.

By switching from fossil fuels to a renewable energy system, Care Homes can be eligible to receive quarterly government payments through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), for a period of up to 20 years.

Whatever the situation of your Care Home there is almost certainly a renewable solution that can positively impact your operation and provide a constant temperature all year round. Contact Ecovision for a free Consultation to find out which technology is best suited to you and receive a free feasibility report specifically for your property. The right renewable system will help to create a sustainable future for your Care Home and for generations to come.

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