Croxton Manor,

Croxton Manor is a beautiful property which enjoys a prime position within an idyllic Cambridgeshire village. This 15th century, timber-framed, Grade 2 listed Manor House presented many interesting challenges for Ecovision to overcome, least of all preserving the integrity of such an old building whilst installing the latest in renewable technology.

Once again it can be shown that every building has a renewable energy solution, regardless of its age or listed status. The triple air source heat pump system (two 8.5 kW and a 14 kW) are now providing all the necessary hot water and heating.

Ecovision designed a system that replaced the existing highly inefficient oil boiler with minimum impact on the aesthetics of the property. The heat pumps were connected to the existing radiator system so reducing any disruption to the building internally, and the tranquil environment was maintained by locating the units remotely at nine metres away from the house.

“Our new Air Source Heat Pump system is fantastic! Even during the coldest winter in recent times the new Heat Pumps kept us warmer than the oil boiler ever did.” – Christine Rose