1980’s 4 Bed Detached House Installs Air Source Heat Pump.

Mrs Somerville lives in a 4-bed detached house built in the 1980’s, occupied by three adults, and she needed to replace her existing LPG boiler.

She was quoted £3,800 to replace her LPG boiler with a new gas boiler which would have a lifespan of approximately ten years. With her fuel bills running at £1200 per year, she wanted to investigate a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative. Ecovision assessed the property, and recommended installing a 14kW Air Source Heat Pump which has a lifespan of 25 years.

The cost of the installation was £7600 and Ecovision’s grant advisers helped Mrs Somerville secure £1,900 worth of grants towards the cost of installation. The cost of installing the heat pump was then £1,900 more than the cost of installing an orthodox gas boiler. Mrs Somerville’s heating and hot water bills have been cut by £850 per year from £1200 to £350 and the extra cost of installing a heat pump will be reoccupied in 2.2 years. After 2.2 years she will save a clear £850 per year on her heating and hot water costs.

“I’d spoken to various suppliers. They all told me a heat pump wouldn’t work with my existing radiators and advised undertaking expensive work which would have involved ripping up flooring or installing a completely new heating system. Ecovision were very clear and professional in their approach. They told me that no work of that sort would be necessary. They visited my home, designed a system and installed it. It was all done in two weeks. The standard of their workmanship was exemplary. I’m now saving 70% on my heating bills.” – Mrs Somerville