When looking to replace his costly LPG boiler, Mr Bone came across Ecovision’s advertisement and was surprised to learn the extent to which he would benefit by making a switch to renewable technology. “We were fed up of being held to ransom with the cost of LPG,” he comments. “It seemed that every 20 minutes the cost went up. The boilers were also expensive to service as we had 2 next to each other”.

Mr Bone was unfamiliar with renewable technology when initially making his enquiry. Ecovision established his needs in an initial discussion and then undertook an installation assessment. From this information it was agreed that an Air Source Heat Pump provided the most suitable heating solution for his property in West Sussex. “We went with Ecovision because they were on the ball in responding to my questions,” Mr Bone comments. “The survey was spot on and very honest, they actually reduced our original estimate which was a breath of fresh air!”

The 8.5KW Air Source Heat Pump and 210L Cylinder provide all the heating and hot water at the property and cost just over £8,400 to install, “Since we have changed to the new system it is by far more efficient than our older LPG boilers” Mr Bone comments. “The house stays exactly on the 21 degrees it’s set at but the radiators are not boiling hot, it takes a while for you to get your head around how smart the newer technology is.”

Mr Bone will see a return on investment in an estimated 3 and a half years. As well as saving on his heating bills by installing an Air Source Heat Pump, he receives quarterly payments from the government as part of the Renewable Heat Incentive.

“We’ve monitored our costs since having the Ecovision air source heat pump fitted for one year, 2014 to 2015, and as a general costing we have reduced our original boilers service and LPG costs by approximately 66%. Yes, electric consumption is up to run the new system but with the renewable heat incentive payments per quarter back to us and the solar panels payments per quarter (also installed by Ecovision), it’s a dramatic reduction.”

“We would encourage anybody who is on the fence over this technology to look at their costs for the year with their present system,” Mr Bone notes “yes it’s easier and comfortable to stay with what you’ve got as we nearly did… (but) one year on! All well worth it!”

“The Ecovision installation process was possibly the best experience we’ve had with a service company carrying out works for us, the guys installing, after care, servicing and fault finding once installed to ensure it ran at its best was second to none.”, Mr Bone concludes.