Due to the location of Mr Gilbey’s property, which lies in the small market town of Stowmarket, he had previously relied on oil to heat his 1930’s 3 bedroom house. When it came to replacing his oil boiler last year however, he endeavoured to look for an alternative due to the high costs associated with heating the property with fossil fuels.

On deciding that a switch to renewable energy would be a beneficial solution, particularly in terms of saving on his heating bills, Mr Gilbey set out to find an installer that could offer comprehensive technical advice to aid him in sourcing a system that would meet the property’s needs.

“Of the several companies I contacted, Ecovision were the most professional and knew what they were talking about. They gave lots of information and I had an excellent experience with the design stage. I found some companies had certain ‘offers’ to entice you in. Ecovision charged a refundable deposit for the initial assessment and to be fair it was better that way to get a professional opinion. I am always wary of ‘free’ advice. My intention was to go with a local installer, but Ecovision came in more competitively priced than the locals.”

After undertaking the installation assessment and establishing Mr Gilbey’s personal needs, Ecovision designed and installed an 8.5KW Air Source Heat Pump and 210L Cylinder, which will provide all heating and hot water to the property all year round.

“Their quote was very competitive including the replacement of the radiator system which was old and tired and needed some additional output for the system. I wondered if the workmanship would be as good, but all I can say is I was astounded. The pump installation is very neat, and all the plumbing and electrics have been done to a first rate standard. Excellent quality products and radiators used. The installers even went the extra mile to place all piping under floorboards.”

The cost of the installation was around £8,000 in total, but Mr Gilbey will see a return on investment in around 3-4 years due to the savings he makes in comparison to oil and the payments he receives from the government as part of the Renewable Heat Incentive. Furthermore, more recently Mr Gilbey has installed solar panels to work alongside the system, which has further enhanced these savings. He comments, ‘With the solar power installed now, it’s probable with the energy income offset from those and the heat pump, my energy bill for the year will be about £80 overall.’

On his experience with Ecovision Mr Gilbey comments, “Their advice along the way has made this project really worthwhile. I am very glad I chose Ecovision, the house is now comfortably warm all the time and we have plenty of hot water. I would recommend them to anyone”.

*Payback shown represents available tariff during Mr Gilbey’s RHI application.