Maple Walk School was looking to find a low cost energy solution that would reduce its reliance on fossil fuel and imported energy, whilst at the same time providing an efficient heating and hot water system. The decision was taken to install a renewable energy solution in the new building which included a ground source heat pump (GSHP) to power an underfloor heating and hot water system.

The 15.8kW GSHP, supplied and installed by Ecovison, provides annual heat of around 32900kWh.The installation of the renewable energy solution took under a month. The ground work to drill the three vertical 100m deep boreholes each containing a flexible MDPE collector pipe loop which together make up the ground collectors for the GSHP, took approximately three weeks. The boreholes are located under what is now the school’s lower playground. The installation of the GSHP itself was completed in under four days.

Maple Walk School has been successfully running its renewable energy project since it was commissioned in August 2009. This has resulted in an annual saving of approximately £1,500 when compared to heating and supplying the building with hot water via oil, based on a cost of 60p a litre, and electricity 12p per unit (kWh).

This report was featured in Independent Schools Magazine written by Tony Budd, Ecovision’s Commercial Sales Manager.