Packwood House.

The National Trust look after the beautiful property of Packwood House just outside Solihull. Built in the 1550’s  it has been altered many times but has it’s Tudor origins at it’s heart. Not only is the house stunning but the garden and grounds are maintained to a very high level with over a hundred yew trees leading down to the lake.

The cost of running a house like this is significant which is why the Trust approached Ecovision to provide a solution that would allow it to remain in such good condition for generations to come. Our experience with water source heat pumps allowed us to establish that the most efficient and cost effective method would be to use the lake. With such stunning gardens it was the most sensible option as it only needed one trench to run from the banks of the lake to the house resulting in minimal disruption to the gardens.

The house had two requirements, heating for the lived-in apartments and heating for the areas open to the public. Ecovision designed a system which used three heat pumps, two high temperature units which would provide heating at 70 degrees in the living quarters, and one 75kW unit to provide heating at 45 degrees for the public areas. The lower temperatures are ideal for public areas as they maintain a constant low level of heat which protects the building and furniture, is warm enough to keep visitors warm but not so warm that they wish to remove their coats!

The coils are placed in the central part of the lake close to the bridge using the unique Ecovision system ensuring that they are securely placed at the bottom of the water and without obstructions. It is not possible to see the coils, even when standing on the bridge and looking down into the water. The pipe is designed to last for more than 100 years so it will provide heat for the building for many years to come, ensuring that the house will remain protected and sustainable. The flow and return pipes have been carefully buried in a trench leading to the house causing minimal damage and where they are placed is now invisible to visitors.

The residents are extremely happy with the installation, and once again the design team at Ecovision have proved that if approached properly, a renewable system can be very effective and efficient in an older building.

Ecovision design team provided two heating solutions for the main building, proving again that heat pumps are easily capable of heating older buildings