Mr D in Colchester has spent his last winter heating season with an oil boiler and at the mercy of rocketing oil prices. He decided he had to explore a renewable option to reduce his escalating annual fuel costs. He approached Ecovision having spent some time researching the options and exploring the web site. Based on the information provided the heat requirement of the house was slightly less than 14kW and due to the restricted space around the house Ecovision concluded that a ground source heat pump would not be suitable for this property was an ideal candidate for a 14kW Air Source Heat Pump.

The heat pump provides the house with heating and hot water and is connected to the existing pipework. A new 300L hot water cylinder was required to replace the original and work efficiently with the heat pump, however the radiator system required little modification, two of the smaller radiators were upgraded to twin panel units to provide sufficient heat at the lower flow temperatures.

“The removal of the oil tank has freed up garden space and we no longer can smell oil when we are outside.” – Mr D