Sophisticated Heat Pump system for Hayesfield School.

Hayesfield School has opened a new Performing Arts Centre which has a highly sophisticated heat pump system allowing for heating and cooling through different emitter systems.

The new Arts Centre has been put forward for a number of awards due to the uniqueness of the system. When ISG Pearce needed to design a system capable of heating and cooling the large building they approached Ecovision based on the huge number of large scale heat pump installations they had carried out throughout the UK. Ecovision’s Senior Design Engineer created the system.

The building is heated with 2 x 37kW Ground Source Heat pumps that supply the underfloor heating system and pre-heat the hot water to 45 degrees before the gas fired boilers take over. This system will make considerable savings on heating bills for the School.

To provide the cooling there is a 75kW reversible heat pump that provides cooling only for the summer, this is distributed through air handling units sending chilled water to the roof units which then cools the air before it is distributed throughout the building.

The heat source comes from 30 x 50m boreholes which are under the carpark and the football pitch.

The design of the system achieved the required standards to make the School outstanding for sustainability, and the savings on the running costs will suit the end user. This is a shining example of what can be achieved using renewable technology.