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Underfloor Heating Solutions

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What is Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating works when warm water circulates through loops of plastic pipes which cover the under floor area of a property/room allowing heat to radiate upwards from these pipes. Since the pipe-work extends right through the room, heating is evenly distributed.

The surface area of underfloor heating pipes in a standard room is many times that of a radiator. This means that the temperature of the water in the system doesn’t need to be as high as a conventional heating system, which reduces your fuel bills.

Wet underfloor heating looks better (no ugly radiators), it’s safer (no chance of young children burning themselves) and it’s potentially healthier (less of the airborne dust which is particularly harmful for asthma sufferers).

Underfloor heating systems perform considerably better than conventional radiators. Radiators generate an upward stream of hot air through convection. This causes the air at ceiling level to be much warmer than at floor level. This stratification of temperature causes drafts and uneven heating and greater heat loss. Under floor systems operate through convection and essentially turn your whole floor into a heater.

Greater Efficiency

Underfloor systems operate at lower temperatures drawing water from your system at 45-65oC vs 70-80oC for radiators, this allows your boiler to work much more efficiently. Furthermore, in buildings heated by underfloor systems you can normally expect to be able to turn your room stat down by 1-3°C yet retaining the same thermal comfort as radiators operating at the higher temperature.

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The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

  • More efficient than using radiators
  • Even distribution of heat throughout the property/room
  • Aesthetically pleasing as you don’t need radiators
  • Safer-no chance of burning yourself on hot radiators
  • Healthier-reduces circulation of airborne dust
  • Low maintenance

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