Henrietta Barnett is an all-girls State School listed in the London Schools Guide as one of the top academic State Schools in the country.

When the School decided to build a new Music School building they were determined to install a heating system that would reduce their carbon emissions and encourage the Girls to understand how important renewable energy will be to their futures. To meet the requirements of the building Ecovision designed and installed a 50kW Ground Source Heat pump system capable of providing the heating according to the internal and external temperatures.

Despite the restrictions of installing a heat pump system in the centre of a Major City, Ecovision carried out feasibility studies in conjunction with Sustainability Consultants Max Fordham and established that the energy can be supplied by 12 x 100m bore holes close to the building which provided the perfect solution.

“We are delighted with the new system and would recommend Ecovision who proved to be reliable experts in the field of renewables.”