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A Word from Peter Randall, Chairman of Ecovision

I’ve travelled widely throughout the world, and I’ve personally witnessed the destructive impact of climate change. Reducing carbon emissions is the most critical challenge that we face: if we don’t act now, our future is bleak.

I passionately believe that something must be done, right now, and it’s because of these beliefs that I set up Ecovision.

Renewables Technology

Industry is seeking the holy grail: the one piece of technology which will resolve the issue of climate change once and for all. We may find it in the future, we may not. We don’t know. What we do know is that now, right now, alongside Biomass we have a proven technology in the form of the Heat Pump with its capacity to reduce carbon emissions.

If we adopt renewable technology wholesale, as a nation we can fulfill our obligations to cut emissions many times over as so many European countries have already been doing as a matter of course for decades.

Mass adoption of heat pumps will cut the nation’s carbon emissions

Heat pumps can provide all the hot water and heating we have come to expect in our busy day to day lives. Since half of the UK’s total carbon emissions come from the built environment, if every home and business in the country replaced fossil-fuel based systems with heat pumps, our total carbon emissions as a nation would be reduced.

You might say this is simplistic. Unachievable. I don’t believe it is. I believe that the more people become aware of this technology, and its environmental benefits and cost advantages, the more we will find the will to make change happen.

It's Here Now

I worry about the nature of the world my children will inherit. We all do. Renewable technology isn't complex, it's here, now. Widespread adoption of this technology and other renewables will mean that the future for my children, for yours, and for people worldwide might not be as bleak as we are beginning to comprehend it could be.

I’m a realist. I know that many of us subscribe to the principle of reducing carbon emissions, but feel it’s hard to do so, because often it comes at a large financial cost.

Our government has recognised these needs and there are right now financial incentives available to home and business owners alike that make the early adoption of renewable technologies like Heat Pumps not only cost effective but also sound investments that both generate income and lower running costs whilst cutting carbon emissions.

All our staff are as passionate as I am about the importance of the technologies we provide and install, and it’s that passion which ensures that you will receive the highest quality service. We make this technology work for you, because it works for the planet.

Peter Randall, Chairman

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