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Intelligent Solar PV Asset Management

Customer Care, Monitoring, Maintenance, Consultancy

Ecovision can relieve you of the day to day management of your solar PV asset portfolio, leaving you to dedicate your resources to managing what’s important for you and your business. Our solutions provide independent management that works alongside your management team. Our goals are your goals and our experience to deliver services such as dedicated customer service and liaison, performance monitoring, maintenance and consultancy is second to none. We will provide you with a seamless, expert service whether you require just one of our services or the full suite.

Ecovision Asset Management Services

Customer Care

Ecovision’s dedicated Solar PV Customer Care Centre currently supports over 9,000 installations across the UK. Whether it’s a customer calling to report a fault, because they are moving house and need advice or legal concerns with their contracts, Ecovision’s Customer Care team can help.

  • Calls from homeowners/landlords
  • Arranging service and maintenance visits
  • Support on lease contract questions and change of property ownership
  • Telephone based fault diagnostics


The Ecovision Asset Management System will fully monitor your PV assets and provide you with meter readings for your portfolio. We can identify under-performing assets by benchmarking performance against predicted yield (PVGIS and SAP) and conduct normalised peer performance reviews relative to those in the near vicinity.

  • Remote monitoring for all systems (1,2), as part of a managed service or stand-alone option
  • Online access to view the performance of your portfolio
  • Full meter reading service, from weekly cumulative reads to half-hourly data capture (3)
  • Quarterly meter reading reporting to your FiT provider for FiT payments
  • Rapid response fault identification with documented incident management reporting (4)
  • Performance monitoring. Each asset will be continuously monitored for performance against predicted yield and the performance of other assets in the region (from our entire managed portfolio, not just your own assets)


We have dedicated teams in place to provide preventative maintenance services or to maintain assets that are underperforming or have ceased working. Our teams of engineers are all fully qualified and we hold the necessary materials (5) that are required to undertake maintenance of solar systems, thus minimising any down-time and maximising your revenue.

Condition based and preventative maintenance programmes are designed to protect your investment and resolve problems before you lose revenue or incur replacement costs. Ecovision offers three levels of maintenance service:

  • Fault Rectification maintenance - we will monitor performance and if there is a failure we will rapidly fix the problem
  • Condition based maintenance - we will monitor performance and if there is a drop-off compared to other systems nearby we will investigate and rectify the issue
  • Preventative maintenance - we will undertake preventative maintenance to an agreed schedule, designed to optimise portfolio performance


Ecovision has extensive experience in managing our own PV asset portfolio. We can help you to maximise the value and returns from your own assets both for revenue returns and maximised return at the point of asset sale.

  • Analytical support, portfolio and individual asset performance analysis
  • Demonstrate portfolio performance, adjusted for real weather conditions versus predicted performance (PVGIS and SAP)
  • Maximised returns from your investment
  • Presentation of your asset portfolio in preparation for sale in order to maximise selling price

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When it comes to managing your solar PV asset portfolio Ecovision is your partner of choice. To maximise your returns and relieve you of the day to day running of your PV assets call us now on 01666 501 580.

  1. Subject to PV systems being fitted with an appropriate GSM enabled modem. Ecovision can fit a suitable meter and modem to your properties for an additional charge.
  2. Subject to transfer of existing data contracts. Where existing data contracts cannot be transferred Ecovision can establish these arrangements, there may be a minimum contract period.
  3. 30 minute data reads may incur additional data charges, dependent on the total service package selected.
  4. A Service Level Agreement covering incident triggers and response times will be agreed as part of the total service package.
  5. Ecovision carry a range of materials as standard stock, including panels, inverters, meters and electrical consumable items. Material stock may need to be transferred from your current provider or purchased specifically for your contract if our standard range is not suitable.


Ecovision is highly experienced in installation and asset management and currently manages a portfolio of over 9,000 PV installations across the UK (30MWp capacity).


The breadth of Ecovision’s service and our one-stop-shop approach to PV asset management enables you to have a single point of contact in order to maximise returns from your PV assets and minimise management overheads for your business.


Ecovision’s expert services will add value to your business. We understand that PV portfolio management can be a time consuming distraction. The services we offer allow you to focus on what’s truly important to your business whilst continuing to reap the rewards from your PV investment.

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