Renewable Heating for Poultry Farms

The Renewable Partner for Poultry Farmers

Renewable Heating for Poultry Farms


Along with other suppliers to the food industry, poultry farmers are experiencing ever reducing contribution to the bottom line, with ever volatile energy price rises. However, the high energy needs of a poultry farm can now benefit you financially through the Governments guaranteed 20 year Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), with payback periods in the region of 5 years or less, leaving many years of remaining payments – showing renewable heating for poultry farms is a worth while financial solution.

In addition to financial benefits, farmers who have made the switch to renewable energy have also experiences improved growth rates, lower litter costs and improved bird welfare due to removing the need to frequently vent CO2 and moisture created by oil or LPG heating.

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Ecovision's Experience

Ecovision have installed over 5,500 renewable energy systems throughout the UK since 2006 and understand what is needed to meet the challenge of designing and installing retrofit renewable energy within an area where it is of paramount importance to protect high value livestock. For this reason, most renewable solutions are built offsite and craned in, to complete final installation over days, limiting heating downtime to an almost seamless change over to your new renewable solution.

renewable heating for poultry farms

The Financial Opportunity

Significant incentive payments are available to farm owners via the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This means if you install an accredited renewable heating system, such as a Heat Pump or Biomass Boiler, you could be paid thousands of pounds, as well as reducing your running costs by up to 50%, improving comfort levels and cutting your carbon footprint. Once the renewable heating system is installed RHI payments are locked in and guaranteed for the next twenty years.

The RHI applies to Biomass Boilers and Heat Pumps, both of which can provide a great return on investment, however it also applies to Combined Heat and Power which could provide both your heating and electricity needs, creating what is possibly the most attractive renewable investment available today.