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Giving Your Business The Power to Grow

Kennet – Opening up your Opportunity

Kennet Equipment Leasing has been providing UK businesses with equipment finance since 1991. With access to many of the top lenders, as well as their own significant resources, Kennet successfully place finance agreements for a huge range of businesses, of all types and sizes.

Having financed equipment to a value in excess of £500M you can rest assured that Kennet are the people to talk to for your Waste2Heat solution. From £250 upwards, there’s a solution that suits your cash flow and budget.

Kennet Finance - Kennet Biomass Waste Wood Waste2Heat Boiler
Kennet Finance - Kennet Biomass Waste Wood Waste2Heat Boiler

Professional, Knowledgeable, Reliable

Choosing a finance company can be a lottery. Not with Kennet Equipment Leasing. Kennet have leased more than £500m worth of equipment over the last 23 years, ensuring that businesses grow and survive. With a strong balance sheet, and powerful funder backing, Kennet’s conversion rate is over 80% fo finance proposals. Financing decisions can be made promptly, with invoices paid within 24 hours of equipment installation. Every customer is allocated a dedicated team with one point of contact, who will guide you through from initial enquiry to supplier payout.

Companies choose Kennet because:

• Quick decisions and fast turnaround
• Experienced and dedicated team
• Over £500M of equipment funded
• Own Book Facility
• From sole traders to large corporations
• No need to find hefty deposits
• Tax advantages to leasing

• Regular lease payments that do not increase, even if interest rates do
• Preserve existing credit lines and overdrafts
• Get the best equipment for your business, not just the cheapest

What Could You Expect?

Equipment Description:
Equipment Value Ex VAT:
Weekly Finance Payment:
Weekly RHI Cash Payment:
Weekly Net Cash Income:
60 Monthly Payments:
Total Cost:
Tax Relief @ circa 20%:
Net Cost of Finance:

1 x Waste2Heat Solution

*Renewable incentive payment estimated on 80% system utilisation

Kennet Finance - Kennet Biomass Waste Wood Waste2Heat Boiler