Renewable Heating in Horticulture

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Renewable Heating in Horticulture

Ecovision have installed over 5,500 renewable energy solutions throughout the UK since 2006, including the UK’s largest Ground Source Field Array in a 16 acre glasshouse. We understand that the energy requirements of growers and retailers are varied – from a bedding plant grower with a limited heating requirement to maintain a frost free environment, to an edibles grower with an all year round heating requirement of 20°c or more, and can best apply a renewable heating solution to these various situations.

Installing a modern energy system with Ecovision can reduce your horticultural business’s annual energy spend by up to 50% and entitle you to valuable government incentives, providing quarterly payments for 20 years. Renewable technologies often pay for themselves within 6 years or less, leaving many years of remaining payments to reinvest in your business.

Installers of the UK's largest Horizontal GSHP


Ecovision are proud to have worked with a number of growers to provide energy solutions throughout the UK. Renewable heating can be very complimentary in a wide range of existing solutions. Ecovision have the necessary experience, resources and knowledge to meet the challenge of designing and installing both retrofit and new build renewable energy. Through detailed planning we limit heating, hot water and energy downtime with an almost seamless changeover to your renewable solution.

Recently Ecovision have provided a full turn-key solution to a 16 acre glasshouse, creating the UK’s largest ground source heat pump. As the first horizontal ground source on this scale, the pipes required span was 59 miles in total. Contact Ecovision to find out how renewables could apply to your growing environment.

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The Financial Opportunity

Renewable energy is an ideal solution to lower bills, provide a new revenue stream via ROC and RHI payments and improve green credentials. Significant incentive payments are available to growers via the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This means if you install an accredited renewable heating system, such as a Heat Pump or Biomass Boiler, you could be paid thousands of pounds, as well as reducing your running costs by up to 50%. Once the renewable heating system is installed RHI payments are locked in and guaranteed for the next twenty years.

Combined Heat and Power, which provides both your heating and electricity needs, also applies to the RHI but qualifies for an additional government incentive, ROCs, creating what is possibly the most attractive renewable investment available to horticultural businesses today.