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What is a Water Source Heat Pump

Water source heat pump systems produce heat in a similar way to ground source systems. Pipes are submerged in a river, stream or lake, where temperatures remain at a relatively constant level of between 7 and 12 degrees. Liquid in the pipes absorbs the heat. This heat is passed to a heat pump located inside the house.

Because of the constant level of heat, water source heat pumps are even more efficient than air source heat pumps.

For buildings located near a suitable water source, this type of heat pump offers an attractive alternative to ground source systems. Water source heat pumps are virtually silent, maintenance needs and costs are negligible and there are no visible external units.

These can be installed either as an open or closed loop system.

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Heatpumps for your Home

Ground Source Heat Pump Replaces Oil Boiler and Aga

Mr and Mrs Hart-Davis live in a 17th century farmhouse. Their existing oil fuel supply had warmed their long narrow farmhouse and Aga at a cost.

Heat Pumps Replace Storage Heaters

One resident asked Ecovision to install an Air Source Heat Pump to replace LPG heating and has been so pleased with the reduction in heating costs that they have shared their success with other residents.

Air Source heat pump replaces gas system in town centre

Mr. and Mrs.Potts and their two children live in a traditional semi-detached three bedroom townhouse. It has loft and cavity wall insulation, though didn’t have double glazing.

Air Source Heat Pump Replaces LPG

Mrs Somerville lives in a 4-bed detached house built in the 1980s. It’s occupied by 3 adults. She needed to replace her existing LPG boiler.

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Heatpumps for Business/Commercial Premises

Glengarry Hotel

Glengarry Castle Hotel is a charming Scottish country property situated in a beautiful location on the edge of Loch Oich.

Houghton primary Care Unit Opens using heat Pump technology

Houghton primary Care Unit Opens using unique Heat Pump integration technology

Harrow School Lyon's House

Harrow School installs heat pumps to harness ground energy for new low-carbon building

Daresbury Science and innovation Centre

Vinci approached Ecovision to design a renewable energy system that could allow the new building to benefit from the huge aquifer below the ground.

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Heatpumps for Country Houses and Estates

Castle Howard

Owner Simon Howard urgently wanted to reduce these costs. He wanted to cut carbon emissions, and he had to find a solution which would not be visually intrusive given the castle’s listed status.

Ascott House heat pumps

Ecovision designed and installed a 240kW high temperature ground source heat pump system. This system provides all the space heating and hot water for the property.

Croxton Manor

Ecovision designed a system that replaced the existing highly inefficient oil boiler with minimum impact on the aesthetics of the property. The heat pumps were connected to the existing radiator system

Treago Castle

Ecovision was asked to provide a solution and proposed using the castle’s giant compost bins as a source of heat. Pipes were inserted into the walls and base of the bins to exploit the considerable heat released

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