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What is a Water Source Heat Pump

Water source heat pump systems produce heat in a similar way to ground source systems. Pipes are submerged in a river, stream or lake, where temperatures remain at a relatively constant level of between 7 and 12 degrees. Liquid in the pipes absorbs the heat. This heat is passed to a heat pump located inside the house.

Because of the constant level of heat, water source heat pumps are even more efficient than air source heat pumps.

For buildings located near a suitable water source, this type of heat pump offers an attractive alternative to ground source systems. Water source heat pumps are virtually silent, maintenance needs and costs are negligible and there are no visible external units.

These can be installed either as an open or closed loop system.

Download Water Source heat pumps for AllFind out about how Water Source Heat Pumps can benefit you by downloading our PDF.Water Source heat pumps for All



Why use a Water Source Heat Pump

To install a ground source heat pump you will need a local water source such as a lake or river. In the case that this does exsist, available for use on your property, it is highly recommended to make use of it, as the water acts as a highly efficient source of heat year round. Compared to ground and air source heat pumps, water is more efficient.

local water source heat pump

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