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About Ecovision

Ecovision began in 2006 when the founder and CEO, Peter Randall, branched into the green energy sector to make a positive impact on the environment. In recent years the drive has been to educate people on the huge RHI grant payments available to them from the government when they install a renewable heating system, such as an Air, Ground or Water Source Heat Pump.

With a long history of successful business achievements including being Co-founder of internet and telecoms firm Telinco and other database businesses, Peter drove Ecovision forward to become leaders in the installation of modern renewable heating and hot water solutions, particularly within homes, historic houses and commercial properties.

Previously situated on HRH The Prince of Wales Highgrove Estate in Gloucestershire for 10 years, Ecovision has always strived for first class performance. Now based near the beautiful Cotswold town of Cirencester, protecting the British environment and reducing the impact of fossil fuel heating is something that is at the top of Ecovision’s agenda.

Ecovision was also the first heat pump installer in the UK to be awarded full accreditation by the UK Microgeneration Certification Scheme, are members of the RECC and have won numerous high-profile awards, including those from the British Construction Industry Association, the National Heat Pump Awards and The Rushlight Awards – defining Ecovision as pioneers and experts within its sector.

Having installed nearly 10,000 renewable systems nationwide in various households and businesses, from Stately Homes, such as Castle Howard, to schools and wildlife parks, Ecovision will guide you through the entire installation process from start to finish, giving you peace of mind.

Find out how much you could benefit from installing a renewable heating system today.


Negotiated Design

At Ecovision we understand that each installation is different and so are your needs.

We begin with a free consultation, identifying the right modern energy solution to meet the requirements of your building or land, and advise the financial and carbon saving benefits whilst introducing a range of financial options.

Early on we will introduce the key considerations for the installation process, explain the anticipated on site disruption and share how we actively work to limit this. We will indicate planning considerations, electricity upgrade options and advise early decisions that can be taken to avoid later difficulties, considering in full the often overlooked details of fuel delivery and storage where this is required.

Why Negotiated Design Makes Us Different

Some installations will have one straight forward renewable solution that is the best fit for the property, whereas others will allow for a variety of options. In this case we want to ensure you get the best solution for you. We will listen to your needs, consider the energy and logistical requirements of your property and work with you during the design process.

At Ecovision we will explain our design recommendations at length, and in plain English, including the cost implications of various choices.

We don’t design inferior systems or solutions in an effort to reach a low budget and/or undercut other companies, instead we will advise the best solution for you. Our approach will allow you to make informed decisions regarding functionality, benefits and costs so that you candecide where the real value for money is.

The Next Step…

The initial consultation process is free, but when you’re happy to move on the next step includes a paid installation assessment. This initial and modest payment does not represent a full sales agreement with Ecovision.

Our installation assessment is completed by one of our Technical Design and Operations team. They spend the best part of a day on site assessing the buildings for the best renewable technology and solution. They will also discuss the aspects of the project that are important for you and fully consider all the design options that best meets the needs of the property or land.

This detailed analysis of the practical aspects of any installation enables us to present various design options, their individual benefits and indicative costs – allowing you to influence the design, within a budget you control.

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