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Country Houses and Renewable Energy

Country Houses require a high level of expertise, they are unique buildings. Many historic buildings were designed and constructed at a time when the only form of heating was open fires, these were generally kept lit from 5am through to midnight and maintained the thermal mass of the building. This of course is no longer possible as few can support the number of staff required to maintain such a requirement.

Subsequent heating installations were designed for oil, gas or electricity and with todays high prices are now only used in the living quarters, usually briefly in the morning and evening to reduce fuel consumption.

Often areas of the building are no longer heated if they are not being used. The result of this is that large areas of the building start to get cold and damp, this permeates into the fabric of the building and starts to affect the contents, furniture and works of art.

The Ideal Solution Could Well Be A Heatpump

A heatpump is in fact an ideal solution to this problem as it works in a different way, it will operate constantly and maintain a consistent lower temperature in the building. The Heat pump uses the thermal mass of the building to retain the heat and creating an ambient and comfortable temperature throughout the house.

Ecovision are experienced designers of renewable energy systems for large country houses and estates, and specialise in Historic Houses. We are currently working on a number of large high profile heat pump projects in historic houses throughout the UK.

Now is the Time to Install Renewables

If you are an Estate or Buildings Manager we can offer a consultation service or we will design a system to suit the individual property, be it an estate cottage, a farm building or a large residence.

Ecovision have considerable experience in creating carbon neutral solutions for Estates using heat pumps for heating and hot water and a Solar PV system to provide the electricity required to run the system.

Each Country House is Unique

Most Estates do not have a consistency of building type, each property is unique and requires time and experience to ensure that each system will provide what is expected of it.

Ecovision have long and varied experience of renewable energy solutions for country houses and estate buildings and will work with you to find the best solution.

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For any queries or a free quote regarding renewable energy domestic or commercial, replacing an existing inefficient fossil fuel system or as part of a new build project call us now on 01666 501580 or submit your query in our contact us page or in the form above and we’ll be happy to contact you to discuss your requirements.

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