Biomass Combined Heat and Power

What is Combined Heat and Power?

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) provides sustainable cost-effective electricity and heat to benefit your business. Combined Heat and Power units are ideal for businesses which have a high and consistent energy demand. Both heat and electricity from a CHP unit will significantly reduce your business’s utility bills. CHP units have proven very successful in a range of sectors from leisure and waste management, to forestry and agriculture.

What is Biomass Combined Heat and Power?

Biomass Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the simultaneous generation of both heat and electricity, when using Biomass fuel as the original energy source. As the fuel powering Biomass CHP is in itself renewable, the system allows you to generate both heat and power in an eco-friendly manor, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Wood waste can also be used to fuel Biomass CHP, making it a particularly attractive option for Waste Management Sites.

Biomass Combined Heat and Power - Ecovision

A Truley Reliable Biomass CHP Plant

Ecovision’s preferred WID compliant Waste Wood Boiler, Kriger, together with Electratherm create one of the best Biomass Combined Heat and Power Plants available today. With the Kriger Biomass Boiler’s ability to reliably burn A, B and C grade Wood Waste, and Electratherm’s technology leading ORC units, this Biomass Combined Heat and Power Plant confidently achieves high running hours with minimal effort.

The ElectraTherm ORC Solution

Using the efficient Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and proprietary technology, the ElectraTherm’s Power+ Generator™ range produces fuel-free, emission-free power from low grade waste heat.The patented twin screw expander represents a dramatic technological change, resulting in a more cost efficient and robust machine, generating emission-free electricity. The twin screw expander system offers distinct advantages for small-scale ORC’s, including a simple and compact design, low speed operation with the ability to handle heat input variations and dual phase flow of the working fluid, significant part load capability, no gear box or oil pump, all along with an attractive payback.

What Does This Mean For You?

Paired with a 1MW Kriger WID compliant Biomass Boiler, a 65kW ElectraTherm ORC system can provide 65kW of electrical power per hour which is typically produce 520,000 kWh per year, to either use on site or export back to the grid. Providing a cost benefit of circa £50,000 per annum through generating your own electricity. The Electratherm ORC system can also eliminate on site diesel generators, helping your site take a step towards becoming electrically self-sufficient.

Return on Investment

When packaged with the market leading Kriger Waste Wood Boiler, the ElectraTherm ORC provides a saving of circa £50,000 against grid electricity per annum, with the total project cost breaking even in just over 3 years. Providing an estimated further £840,000 return on investment, from the ElectraTherm ORC alone, over the remaining 20 year life of the Kriger Waste Wood Boiler.

Biomass Combined Heat and Power - Ecovision

Can you benefit from Biomass Combined Heat and Power?