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Biomass Heating Solutions

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ETA Biomass Boilers

Ecovision work with Austrian manufacturer ETA Heiztechnik who specialise in the manufacture of biomass boilers. Emphasis is given to safety and user comfort. The boiler assembly is done in-house enabling all parts to be checked before being assembled.

All ETA heating boilers have Lambda controls, which continuously monitor exhaust oxygen and automatically adjust air induction to ensure optimal efficiency burning while minimising carbon monoxide emissions. After a comprehensive testing process we found ETA boilers to have the best build quality and efficiency in the market.

ETA boilers offer maximum efficiency, sophisticated control systems and user-friendly interfaces in a package, we believe, is second to none.

ETA Log Boilers

The ETA wood gasification boilers are some of the most efficient log systems available and require minimal user input. Any kind of wood can be burnt using ETA’s reverse combustion technology. Read more

ETA Wood Pellet Boilers

The ETA wood pellet boiler range includes smaller, compact boilers suitable for domestic houses and flats as well as larger boilers that can meet heating requirements of up to 95kW. Read more

ETA Woodchip Boiler

The range of ETA woodchip boilers come with either left hand feed or right hand feed. These boilers can be fed with gross industrial woodchip, which is chopped down by inbuilt augers and a rotary valve cutter. A proven induce draught fan and one chamber rotary valve ensures the highest safety. Read more

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The Benefits of Biomass

  • High temperature heating can be provided in a similar way to a conventional fossil fuel heating systems.
  • Greater savings can be achieved due to the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) supporting wood pellet boilers
  • Reduced fuel price volatility. Security of energy supply is a current concern for many households with oil and gas prices being highly volatile.
  • Significant carbon emission savings.
  • Improved energy performance ratings for buildings. Using a pellet boiler can help achieve higher ratings in such schemes as BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes.

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