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Take advantage of the recently launched Renewable Heat Incentive!

A typical 3 or 4 bedroom household with an air source heat pump from Ecovision could receive £1082 per year in Government payments on top of significant fuel bill savings. Those investing in a Ground Source Heat Pump or Biomass Boiler could earn even more.

Enter your postcode into the financial calculators below to find out how much you could be earning from the RHI payments and fuel bill savings, specific to your home, for the renewable system that you are interested in.

If you’re not sure which system suits your home, submit your details to the contact form so that we can advise you on the best option. Demand for new installations has rocketed under the new incentive so get your application for a quote in now. For those on mains gas, you may be more suited to a Hassle Free Boiler.

Learn how an air source heat pump works

Ecovision has installed thousands of Air Source Heat Pumps in homes across the UK since 2006 and won The National Heat Pump Awards in 2012. 

With the recently launched Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) now, more than ever, is the time to invest in an air source heat pump.

Enter your postcode and follow the 3 step process to calculate your savings.

Find out how much money you'll save by entering your postcode below.


Receive annual income from the RHI with a Ground, Water or Air source Heat Pump

Calculate the income a Heat Pump in your home could generate


Ground Source Heat Pumps are suited to country houses with land and are included in the RHI:

Calculate the income a Heat Pump in your home could generate


Receive annual income from the RHI and reduce your carbon footprint by going green with Biomass

Calculate the RHI that a Biomass system in your home could generate


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I passionately believe that something must be done, right now, because of these passionate beliefs I set up Ecovision in 2006... Read more

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